Members of Our Professional Team

Donissi has the best active manpower in the coffee industry. This manpower, along with up-to-date equipment, will bring about the best output efficiency for the Donissi complex and consequently, the coffee industry. The philosophy of manpower in the Donissi team is not just to consider “human resources”, but in a broader sense, this team is regarded as Donissi’s human capital. From the beginning of the establishment of this collection and based on Donissi policies, the presence of experts and active staff in laboratories as well as the presence of experts in this field to provide better services and research and development team to offer new products and new solutions for brewing coffee indicates that it is important for managers to have a professional team.

By employing educated young staff in all its areas, including the employment of specialists in the production line, Donissi has created new job opportunities for experienced individuals. In the same vein, Donissi has created more than ……. jobs up to date. In this collection, competency is prioritized, and all staff, in addition to working in a friendly and professional environment, have a full command of their duties.

Having a capable research and development unit, this complex welcomes new ideas in the food industry, especially coffee industry. As a result, in addition to using the talents and human capital inside the company, this complex also provides a platform to benefit from the potentials and talents outside the company so that both it can take advantage of this capital in line with the company’s goals and individuals can develop their talents. For example, by holding specialized training courses, it tries to bring young and expert manpower to the market.

Given that the production of high-quality products, in addition to technical knowledge, always requires art and taste, Donissi has provided a platform for domestic artists to include their talents in the field of coffee in the company’s marketing process. For example, holding art events for young artists is one of these programs. All these programs are implemented through large-scale advertising campaigns and public relations projects.