About Donissi Team

Donissi Group, as a manufacturing and trading company, has produced a variety of coffee products as a hot beverage to provide high-quality goods with the aim of expanding and promoting the culture of coffee consumption and meeting the needs of market.

In addition to producing and presenting the best products to the market, we are trying to take an effective step towards promoting the culture of coffee consumption by holding specialized training courses for our audience.

In order to satisfy the consumer, the best coffee samples are collected from the best farms around the world, and all the processes necessary for new products are examined by related experts in advanced laboratories based on the taste and opinion of the audience.

Donissi brand products have special distinctions that have not been addressed among domestic competitors. The product variety, both in terms of the type of product and the manner of usage and considering the limitations of coffee brewers, are among the benefits of Donissi brand.

Donissi prepares and markets all products including coffee beans, coffee grounds, coffee capsules, drip bags, and instant coffee based on the latest machines and production processes of different models.